Jerantut Attraction

Sightseeing nearby Jerantut

The Jerantut District is a district in north-eastern Pahang, Malaysia. Jerantut is home to the Taman Negara, National Park . Here also the main transport hub for visiting the Taman Negara National Park.

There is various attraction nearby Jerantut. For cave adventure, you may visit to Gua Kota Gelanggi or Gunung Senyum. The Cave is more than 130million years old limestone cave. To view sunrise & sea clouds, you may wake up early and trek to to Bukit Seladang. Short trekking trails also available at Red Forest Padang Piol. Refresh yourself at Lata Meruang Waterfall. More adventures lover, you may try the abseiling & rock climbing at Paya Gunung via Ferrata.

It’s worth to stay a day or two in Jerantut to explore some nearby countryside tour beside than Taman Negara.

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