Taman Negara Sg. Relau (Merapoh)

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Taman Negara Sg.Relau (Merapoh)

There is 4 entrance of Taman Negara , one of it is Taman Negara Sg. Relau (Merapoh) It’s positioned on the western aspect of Taman Negara in Peninsular Malaysia. The park was opened to the general public in August 1993. The park office is 7 km from Merapoh which is about 30 km south of Gua Musang, Kelantan and 100 km north of Kuala Lipis.

Taman Negara Sungai Relau is the favored level for jungle trekking and mountain climbing to Gunung Tahan (2187 meters). The path to Gunung Tahan is about 3 days to 4 days. It’s acknowledged as one of many hardest trek within the country. A 14-km jeep path links Sungai Relau to Kuala Juram, the foot hill for climbing Gunung Tahan.

Famous Trails

On this park, there are a lot of forest trails.  Among the many common trails are the Interpretive Trail, Negeram Trail, Palas Trail and Gua Gajah Trail. The 0.5km Interpretive Trail gives introduction to the rainforest and the ecosystem. The Negeram Trail follows the Sg Relau river and finish at Pasir Gelanggang passing by means of the lowland and swampy forest. The Palas Trail is about 1.6km lengthy. This trail has some  hilly terrain, peat swamp and lowland forest.

The trail to Gua Gajah is about 5km lengthy. Gua Gajah is a limestone outcrop and gives shelter for elephants through the monsoon. Inside Gua Gajah, there’s a bats chamber the place guano and bats are discovered. The low variety of guests has makes Taman Negara Sungai Relau a heaven for wildlife remark.

Cave Exploration

Taman Negara Sg.Relau can also be caving paradise –  of the 415 caves right here, solely 85 caves have been explored and new and thrilling areas are nonetheless being found. Comprising a few of the oldest limestone outcrops on the earth courting again more than 300 million years, these hidden worlds are nonetheless largely undisturbed and teaming with biodiversity, together with uncommon and endemic species. 

Observe a speeding river up into the darkness to emerge into pristine jungle on the the opposite aspect; marvel on the magnificent rock formations, gravity-defying stalactites and stalagmites, silken flowstones and shimmering crystals. For those who’re fortunate you may meet a few of the caves’ inhabitants together with bats, terrapins, scorpions and snakes.

Taman Negara Sg. Relau

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Ujjie Ariffin
Ujjie Ariffin
Nice view, nice track.. Best canopy walk. ❤️

Welcome to Taman Negara

Taman Negara (National Park) is the first and the oldest official Protected jungle. It cover 3 state in total of 4343 sq km (Almost 7 times of Singapore size) with 4 main entrance to the park. Kuala Tahan, Sungai Relau, Kuala Koh and Tanjung Mentong.

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