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Things to bring when travel to Taman Negara

Things to bring

A question frequently ask is “what to wear” or “what to prepare” before go to Taman Negara.

If you’re joining a 2 Days – 4 Days visiting tour. Just bring torch light, insect repellent, shoe and slippers. For clothing vice is advice sport wear or quick dry, preferably with long sleeves and long pants to protect against abrasions and insects. Trekking pole are optional since most of the trail that you trek are with wooden boardwalk.

For overnight trip you need well prepare because no gear rental shop in Taman Negara. But you may ask your guest house / hotel’s owner. Normally they have what you need.


Real Inner Jungle Overnight Trip

For this tour organize by local operator, they would prepare most of the equipment for you. E.g: Sleeping bag, mattress, cooking utensil and others. However you still need to prepare a small backpack of 40L, torch light, insect repellent, and toilet roll. 


Overnight in Bumbung – Observation Towel

If planning overnight in Bumbung. You have to prepare; a backpack with min 40L – 45L, waterproof jacket in case gets cold, sleeping bag, mattress, insect repellent, and cooking utensil. Don’t forget to bring a powerful torch light, you will need that during the night.


Mount. Tahan 7 Days Trek

For 7-Days Mount. Tahan trail, you need better gear and get advice from your guide. A backpack at least 60L – 80L with capacity around 20KG – 25KG, trekking pole, cooking utensil, tent, big black plastic bag (Strong), insect repellent, torch light, gloves (advice not cotton), and slipper.

For shoes vice usually we’re wearing “Kampung Adidas” which is fully rubber, waterproof and very light. Easily buy it from DIY shop. A pair just RM 8. This trail contain many times of river crossing, usually 2ft to 4ft deep. A usual trek shoe might not suitable, once it get wet, every step you walk feels like thousand weight.

For Day 1 to Day 3 generally hot and humid, average of 26’C – 35’C during the day and 24’C – 30’C during the night. You need something breathable, light, quick dry cloth. From Day 4 to Day 5, a warm & waterproof jacket needed, climate start to be cool. Average 15’C – 22’C with high humid.

Rubber Shoe


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Ujjie Ariffin
Ujjie Ariffin
Nice view, nice track.. Best canopy walk. ❤️

Welcome to Taman Negara

Taman Negara (National Park) is the first and the oldest official Protected jungle. It cover 3 state in total of 4343 sq km (Almost 7 times of Singapore size) with 4 main entrance to the park. Kuala Tahan, Sungai Relau, Kuala Koh and Tanjung Mentong.

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