Taman Negara Camping

Taman Negara Camping
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Where to Camp ?

Where to camp in Taman Negara? – There are total of 2 designated camp sites in Taman Negara. The sites in the Park are hides with bunks for campers to spend the night. For amateur campers, Mutiara camp site and Danz Eco Campsite is suitable for you. There are proper toilet & bathroom. Spot light on the site and many restaurant are close by. Those camping ground is on grass land and few steps to the river. 

Camp On The Edge Of The Rainforest

Camp in Wild

To go little bit far, Dedari Orang Asli Village is another option. Camping ground are sandy river bank, less noise and good for fishing as well. At night you are allow to make camp fire. To get there only access by boat. The site has NO facilities such as toilet, power supply or any restaurant nearby. You need to prepare food & water with your own camp equipment. 



Taman Negara Camping river site

Pack and Go

If you are going camping for the first time, you might need a little more advice and tips than you think you need. What they don’t tell you about camping might surprise you.

So you’re ready for your first camping trip. You’ve gone through your checklist, and everything is accounted for. You’ve practiced setting up your tent, and you’ve become familiar with using the rest of your camping gear. The cooler is packed with food and drinks, your first aid kit is stocked, and some warm cloth & rain coat. Basic camping equipment such as tent, sleeping bag and cooking utensil. You can prepare by your own or rent it in Taman Negara. Just ask people around, they will show you the place. Everything is accounted for, and you’re ready to go.

Take a late night walk near by, check out the stars, listen to the silence, smell the fresh air. It doesn’t get any better than this.