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We currently offers 2 different locations for the Adventurers Team Building to rough it out. They are Taman Negara, and Kota Gelanggi. The 2 sites are proven training sites in Pahang, and they have what it takes to provide the Adventurers with a challenging platform to develop their character and leadership while breaking their physical & mental limits through a rare and unique adventure. To make it even more exciting, combine activities from all 2 different adventure setting to create a large scale adventure!

Go Adventure / Go Eco Education


Character Development

Is the program focuses on basic desirable values a person should develop in order to be an individual that will be able to communicate, work and live with others. This program is designed to be one that will be challenging for anyone to better themselves.

Leadership Development

Focuses highly on the metal development of the Adventurers, improving their awareness, good and quick thinking skills. To prepare the Adventurers of today to be Leaders of tomorrow, Adventurers will get the opportunity to lead several types of team during the course of the program, preparing them for the future challenges of leading different teams with dissimilar skills, attributes and attitudes.

Eco – Educational

This is provides a distinctive platform for participant to learn. With nature taking the role of a school and rivers, forests, swamps or even the farms as classrooms, participant will get up close with knowledge which they previously can only imagine and be seen on books. There are endless possibility of subjects that can be taught, knowledge that can be learned and creative questions and challenges that will provoke the dynamic mind.

Team Build-up

“Arriving as Individuals, departing as a Team. Come in as Teams, leave as an Organization.” The statement serves as the goal of the Team Building Program of Exclusive Outdoor. The program is designed to improve and demonstrate the importance of both the communication skills and understanding between team members. Throughout the program, Adventurers will be required to work together closely and co-operatively in order to achieve success in their task or a challenge between teams.

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    We provide fun team building activities for co-operate groups and Training Team Building program. Both team building are different. Fun Team Building is the designed to have fun together and lead by local tour guide and facilitator. For Team Building under training propose is lead by license Instructor / Trainer, and the program itinerary is special design to meet your requirement.  This have to meet up and discuss with trainer for better quote. 

    If you’re are not sure what type of Team Building you need,. You may view the program that we organized before. Major are fun Team Building program with different themes / title.