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Frequently asked question - Taman Negara

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Things to bring & Preparation

For Normal Visiting Tour

Nothing much you need to prepare. A Torch light and insect repellent is important. Own cloth advice sport wear, quick dry & long sleeve. Rain jacket (Optional)

Jungle Overnight trip

If you’re planning to do a 2 – 7 days trek in the park. Advice to get in touch with your tour guide for equipment preparation. Usually you need to bring your own sleeping bad, powerful torch light, backpack capacity 40 – 60L, trekking pole, rubber shoe, glove, and cooking utensil. Some of the equipment might prepare by your guide as well.

Money changer, ATM, Bank

Taman Negara

There is no money changer, ATM and Bank in Taman Negara. The nearest bank is 1.15hrs away. So please get enough cash when you travel to Taman Negara. In case you have not enough cash, you might change a little from any tour operator or guest house but with bad currency rate. Some resorts do accept credit card.

Kuala besut jetty (perhentian island)

Before you travel to Kuala Besut jetty (Perhentian Island) from Taman Negara. Please ask driver to stop you at bank in Jerantut (1.15hrs from Taman Negara) to withdraw some cash. Kuala besut jetty and Perhentian Island no ATM, bank or money changer. The nearest ATM is 2~3 hrs away.

Weather & other unforeseen circumstances

Monsoon Season

Usually the end of Dec is heavy rainfall in Taman Negara. The weather here could be rain for a day non-stop. If you plan to come on December, is advice to email us and ask the weather conditions before you book any tour. However the weather is hard to predict now, in 2017 & 2018 we almost have good weather in December with not much rain. Year 2019 biggest rainfall on the first week of December and second ~ fourth week is good weather with day time sunny, rain during evening or midnight

Does activity still go on rain ?

All activities in Taman Negara rely on weather vice. If little rain, all activities proceed as usual. Heavy rain will delay the trip and wait for the rain to stop. If the rain non-stop, we will cancel the trip and there is no refund on any weather cause.

Bumbung & Observation Hide

Do you organize this tour?

No, because all the bumbung in Taman Negara does not allow advance booking even ourselves as a tour operator (Fair play for everyone). This is because the limitation place available on each bumbung. To book a place in bumbung, you need to register a Park Entry Permit from the Wildlife Department, and use your Park Entry Permit to reserve a place. This can be book a day before and first come first serve.

Do I need a guide overnight in a bumbung?

My answer is yes. In 2019, we had reported 7 cases lost because they went without a guide. For your safety, is advice to hire a guide to go with you, this is cheaper than paying for rescue fees. Major bumbung are in deep jungle, no mobile network. To hire a guide, you may ask from the Wildlife Department.

Booking & Reservation & Payment

How long should I make a booking?

June – Aug is always the peak season in Taman Negara. Due to the limitation of tour guides, it is advice to book your tour as early as possible. We do accept last minute booking but that depends on availability.

I'm solo travelers, any additional surcharge?

All our tours are a joint tour, there is no additional tour surcharge if your selected date already has a booking you may join. Otherwise you need to go for a private tour, you may enquiry this from us.

How do i place a booking?

Fill up the form on the right sidebar with your details. We will reply to your email as soon as possible after we check the availability.

Can i have my own itinerary?

Yes, we accept customized tours according to your request. This will be a private tour and the price depends on the number of people in a group, tours that you request, and room type.

How do I make payment?

Once your trip is confirmed, we will send you a deposit link via PayPal. If you don’t have a PayPal account, you may just click pay with “Credit Card / Debit Card” instead of login.

How much should I pay for my booking?

Both of us know the bank charges & transaction fees are high. So we only request a small amount deposit from you (10% ~ 15%) and balance pay on arrival at our office. Still some booking we will request full amount if your booking fall on public holidays e.g: Hari Raya, Chinese New Year, Labor day, Christmas, Deepavali and so on.

Daily Shuttle Service & Private Transfer

How do i go Penang after Taman Negara

Instead of returning to Kuala Lumpur to get another bus to Penang, that is another option you may travel to Cameron Highlands. From Cameron Highland to Penang with 2 trips a day which departs by 0830AM and 0330PM from Tanah Rata Bus Station. Our transfer to Cameron Highland leaves at 10AM from Taman Negara, the arrival time is around 0330PM – 0400PM. I advise you to stay a night or two to visit there before getting to Penang.

How do i go Merang Jetty / Shah Bandar Jetty

The best way is to hire a private transfer and journey 7hrs. You may send us an email to enquiry the price. By public transport you may reach there in 2 days with changing 3 different buses

How do i go Mersing Jetty for Tioman Island

The best way by private transfer and journey 7hrs. You may send us an email to enquiry the price.

What time is your transfer arrival at Kuala Lumpur? I have a flight that leaves on the same day

Our transfer from Taman Negara to Kuala Lumpur arrives by 0400PM and depends on traffic conditions. From where the bus stops you, another 1hrs journey to the airport KLIA / KLIA2 by taxi. I advise you to arrange your flight after 8PM (Domestic) or 9PM (International), not rushing and still have time for dinner.

Is your transfer to Kuala Besut Jetty enough time for the last boat to Perhentian Island?

We have our own boat that may leave any time when you arrive with our transfer service. No problem to arrive at Perhentian Island the same day unless there is bad weather. Boat ticket cost RM70 per person for 2 way

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